Best 80 Inch TV In 2023

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If you belong to the camp that believes that “the larger the better” when it comes to televisions, then an 80 inch TV will more than suffice your needs. The sheer scale of an 80 inch TV will provide an immersive viewing experience, whether you’re watching the big game, supersizing your gaming console, or just enjoying a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home.

Although you will undoubtedly want more room to accommodate it, an 80 inch TV may be a true show-stopper if you choose the correct model for your home. Today, we will look at the best 80-inch TV available in the market. But before the list, let us see how to decide while buying an 80 inch TV!

Things To Consider With 80 Inch TV:

1. Size

First and foremost, consider whether you’re set on an 80 inch television. In 65- and 75-inch versions, you’ll have more alternatives and, in many cases, a better bargain.
Also, keep in mind that the TV should be sized appropriately for the space it is in.

For an 80 inch TV, you’ll be dealing with a screen that spans 75 inches across, and you’ll want to be seated at least 80 inches away from the screen to have a nice view.

2. Price

Expect to spend anywhere from $1,700 to $5,000 for an 80-inch television, however, you may be able to get certain models at a significant discount if you purchase during a very busy period, such as around the Super Bowl or black Friday TV deals 2021 80 inches.

3. Installation

It is recommended that you have a second pair of hands available while installing an 80-inch television since all of the televisions on our list weigh more than 100 pounds and are quite huge.

However, don’t count out the possibility of wall mounting. Standard VESA mounting brackets, such as those seen on the best 80 inch wide TV stand, will work with all of the models listed below.

4. Ports & Features

In terms of connectors and features, all of these televisions come with four HDMI ports, which is the most you’ll find on any television, and many of them come with at least one port that supports HDMI 2.1, the most recent video-decoding standard.

Choosing a TV that supports HDMI ARC, which allows you to connect your TV and soundbar with a single cable, is recommended if you intend to utilise one. Another feature you may desire is a TV that supports Bluetooth, so you can listen to music via your headphones without bothering anyone in the vicinity.

Now, we will see a vast list of the best 80 inches Smart TV.

Best 80 Inch TV In 2023:

1. Samsung UN82RU8000FXZA: Overall The Best 80 Inch 4K TV

It’s no surprise that one of Samsung’s TV is at the top of this list; the company is known for producing some of the greatest products on the market. This Samsung 80 inches TV may be the ideal addition to your house if you are seeking to purchase an 80-inch television.

This specific model is loaded with a slew of fantastic features, the most notable of which is its native 4K resolution. It also has a UHD processor, which allows for the presentation of a high-quality image. Additionally, it offers a sleek and easy on-screen universal interface that makes streaming material clear and quick to navigate through. Because of its sleek and unique design, it is contemporary and polished, and it looks fantastic in any environment.

80 inch tv

Key Features Of This Samsung TV 80 Inch:

  • Slim design
  • Easy to install
  • 4K Software

2. Sony XBR85Z9G: Solid & Versatile 80 Inches Curved TV

Sony consistently outperforms the competition with dependable gadgets that stand out from the crowd and can survive for an extended period. If you have more money to spend and want something that will last for a long time, the Sony XBR85Z9G 85″ 8K HDR Smart Master Series LED TV is undoubtedly one of the more expensive but most impressive models on this list.

It is also one of the most expensive models on this list, but it is also one of the most impressive models on this list. You’ll receive a display that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before when you buy this Sony television. Built into the software of this model is the ability to use Alexa and Google Assistant, which is a great feature.

The Multi Audio sound system offers high-quality audio that enhances the watching experience. In addition, the X-Wide Angle technology ensures that the image and colour of the display seem vibrant from all viewing positions. This television also comes with a step-by-step tutorial on how to put it up, as well as the necessary equipment, so you won’t have to shell out additional money for the installation.

samsung 80 inch tv

Major Highlights Of This Sony 80 Inches TV:

  • Great quality display
  • Sleek design
  • Built-in Bluetooth

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3. LG 82UM8070PUA: Best Buy 80 Inches TV With Top-Notch Audio

Another excellent 80-inch television that deserves to be included on our list is the LG 82UM8070PUA 82″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2019). This model is one of the greatest TVs available on the market because of its simple-to-use platform that has built-in smart features.

The speakers that are included with this gadget are likewise of high quality. They provide such high-quality audio that you won’t even need to purchase extra speakers if you don’t want to do so. If you wish to make use of the Alexa and Google Assistant features, this TV also comes equipped with them.

This television requires little to no setup, and it comes with a stand and step-by-step instructions to make the process as simple as possible.

samsung 80 inch tv

Reasons To Love This LG 80 Inch TV:

  • Easy setup
  • Smart assistant
  • Stand included

4. Samsung QN82Q70RAFXZA: Comes With The Most Stylish TV Stand For 80 Inches TV

This 82″ QLED Q70 Series UHD Smart TV from Samsung is another example of a company that takes care in producing high-quality goods, and the Samsung QN82Q70RAFXZA 82″ QLED 4K Q70 Series UHD Smart TV does not disappoint. This model is equipped with a Quantum CPU, which allows it to accommodate a 4K display with exquisite detail and precise colours.

The Smart Capabilities feature allows you to operate the device by use of the OneRemote that comes with it, which can also be utilised with voice commands. This television’s display is also capable of showing more than a billion distinct hues of colour, thanks to its advanced technology. When it comes to the greatest 4K experience presently available, this may be the best option for you.

80 inch smart tv

Why Opt For This 80 Inches TV Dimensions:

  • Voice-activated remote
  • Sleek design
  • Great peripherals

5. Sony XBR85X900F: Cheapest 80 Inches TV With Outperforming Features

The Sony XBR85X900F 85″ LED Smart TV is another excellent option among the finest 80-inch televisions. It is equipped with top-of-the-line 4K technology, which provides astonishing clarity and image quality that is unparalleled in the industry. The sound quality on this television is likewise outstanding.

Although you may use external speakers with this device, the internal audio is clean and clear enough that you won’t even need to bother with them. Moreover, this 85-inch television is equipped with Alexa features, which make navigating your screen more convenient than ever before. If you’re looking for something elegant with a gorgeous image, this model should be on your shortlist.

80 inch smart tv

Major Features Of This Sharp 80 Inches TV:

  • Sleek and thin
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Great speakers

6. Samsung QN82Q60RA: OLED 80 Inches TV With Massive Colour Integration

If you are searching for a top-of-the-line television, the Samsung QN82Q60RA Q60 OLED Smart TV should surely be on your shortlist of options. In addition to the 4K CPU, this gadget is packed with Quantum Dot technology, which allows users to have a high-quality experience with visuals that show up to 1 billion colours thanks to the technology.

Pictures have never looked as good as they do on these televisions. Additionally, it is equipped with a wireless subwoofer, which allows you to hear music from any location. This model is covered by a guarantee, so you won’t have to worry about your television breaking down on you while you’re watching it.

80 inch smart tv

Why Love This Cheap 80 Inches TV:

  • Warranty
  • Affordable
  • Great picture quality

7. LG 86UM8070PUA: Comes With Great 80 Inch TV Wall Mounts

The LG 86UM8070PUA 86″ LED TV is just another of the top TVs available on the market. This television is similar to having a mini-movie screen in your living room. The 4K processor enables visuals to come to life on your screen in a manner that makes you feel as if you are watching a movie in a theatre rather than in your living room.

Sound and image quality are also optimised to a level that is unequalled by many current television alternatives thanks to the use of the Dolby Vision and Dolby Atoms technologies. In addition, the speakers on this gadget provide such high-quality music that you won’t even need to use surround sound to enjoy it.

80 inch tv

Reasons To Love This 80 Inches TV:

  • Easy setup
  • Great picture
  • Surround sound system

8. Sony X950G: 80 Inches TV With Impressive Image Quality

In the market for an 85-inch television? The Sony X950G 85 Inch LED Smart TV may be the perfect fit. Because of its 4K UHD resolution, this television has excellent visual quality and clarity. It also has voice-activated controls for convenience. The Motionflow technology incorporated into this gadget is unique, and it is one of the most impressive things that this television has to offer.

It allows consumers to watch action sequences without experiencing any blur at all. Additionally, the X-Wide Angle feature allows viewers to see from almost any angle while still enjoying a clear and crystal image that is only rivalled by what you would see at the movies.

Make sure to get this specific television if you want to wow your family and friends with a device that enables you to watch all of your favourite programmes in breathtaking clarity and depth while yet remaining within your budget.

80 inch tv

Key Features Of This 80 Inches TV:

  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Thin design
  • Motion flow technology

9. Vizio P-Series Quantum X: Overall The Best Vizio 80 Inch TV

With a second mortgage, you can get a massive, stunning television without breaking the bank. After rebates, you may find the Vizio P-Series Quantum X (P85QX-H1) for less than its original price of around $3,000 when it first goes on sale. When you save money, you won’t have to sacrifice much since the P-Series Quantum X offers excellent colours and contrast owing to its full-array backlight and compatibility for Dolby Vision and HDR10+.

It also features more local dimming zones than the model from the previous year. Players will like the 120Hz refresh rate at 4K on two of the HDMI connections, as well as the reduced latency time and the fact that it supports VRR, AMD Freesync, and Nvidia G Sync. While Vizio’s SmartCast OS isn’t as sleek as the operating systems seen in other premium seats, it is a significant improvement over previous versions.

However, there is one area in which the Vizio P-Series Quantum X cannot compete with the Samsung Q60T or Sony X950H: sound. The Vizio P-Series Quantum X would benefit greatly from the addition of a soundbar to alleviate its audio shortcomings. When you are watching the P-Series Quantum X from a distance that is too great, it does not perform properly.

80 inch tv

Why We Love This 80 Inches TV:

  • Affordable
  • Easy setup
  • Highly featured

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10. TCL 80 Inches Roku TV: Big Savings On This 80-Inch TV

The 80 inches TCL 4 Series Roku TV 85S435 is one of the most affordable large-screen televisions available in any size. In addition to having superb colour fidelity, it supports HDR10 for enhanced contrast. In addition, it makes use of Roku’s system software, which gives one of the greatest smart TV experiences available and has a large number of applications to pick from.

In addition, because of its low latency time of 14 milliseconds, this set is perfectly suited for fast-paced games. Furthermore, at $1,599, it is one of the most reasonably priced 85-inch televisions we have seen. In return for its low price, the TCL 4 Series is devoid of a few features that are found on more costly television sets.

The absence of local dimming results in a lower-than-optimal HDR performance, compared to other models. It also features poor speakers that produce minimal bass and has a restricted amount of power. If this is going to be your primary television, consider purchasing a soundbar to help alleviate the sound problems.

80 inch tv

Key Features Of This TCL 80 Inches TV:

  • Affordable
  • Solid colours
  • Comes with Roku TV

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