Best Comedy TV Show of all Time

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Best Comedy Show

The best comedy series on television when you want something to make your heart sing and your cheeks ache from smiling is The Big Bang Theory. Funny movies are excellent, but there is something special about a television series that you can not get from a movie.

Best comedies of all time serve as the emotional counterpart of comfort food, serving as a relaxing feast for the eyes that never fail to brighten your day. With everything from classic comedy sitcoms that will transport you back in time to theme-driven dramas that tackle important social issues through humour to the iconic comedies we all love to binge-watch over and over because watching them feels like visiting an old friend and helps us through the harsh realities of modern life, there is something for everyone on this list of the best comedy show.

So, let us have a look at this list where you could choose the best comedy show depending on your taste!

Choosing The Best Comedy TV Show Out Of Various Options Available

These are the best comedies of all time worth giving a try:

1. The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-1966)

Starting with our list of comedy TV shows, we have this classic at the top! The enormously gifted Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore, in her breakthrough role, capture jealousy and attention as perfect pair Rob and Laura Petrie, who are just as likely to kiss as they are bust out a song-and-dance number.

comedy show

That variety factor continues at the workplace when Rob riffs with Buddy and Sally (vaudeville stalwarts Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie) in the comedy writers’ room as the skill of generating jokes is more amusing than the jokes themselves. This one’s one of the best comedy TV shows.

2. Atlanta (2016-Present)

With well-drawn characters — including Glover and Brian Tyree Henry, as well as Lakeith Lee Stanfield and Zazie Beetz — and the types of ruminations that could only come with allowances for rich internal lives, it is a vital portrayal of African American existence. As much as it is a love letter to the namesake city, it is also a lively chronicle of the city’s underground hip-hop culture.

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Glover described the series as “‘Twin Peaks,’ but with rappers instead of actors.” Atlanta has established its cult following, similar to that of David Lynch’s highly lauded oddity, “Breaking Bad.” As a result of the series’ success, it has garnered two Golden Globes and two Emmys, with Glover’s Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series being the first ever to be presented to an African-American.

3. The Golden Girls (1985-1992)

Already, just by reading the title, you have had the theme tune stuck in your brain and a yearning for cheesecake burning in your stomach. The perfectly balanced ensemble of Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty defied the notion that Americans only want to watch television shows about the young, and made the life of a retiree look like a laugh riot — as long as you were hanging out with Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose.

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The possibilities for punchlines are as limitless as these women’s enthusiasm for life. For six seasons, creator Susan Harris allowed her characters to laugh and love while enjoying every part of a society that is generally witnessed on television by naïve teenagers, but which is now seen through the intelligent perspective of ladies approaching their golden years.

The approach appears to be successful because, even though these ladies made fun of one other, they remained friends and confidants in the end. Golden Girls is an outstanding comedy series.

4. The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970-1977)

The next one on our list of outstanding comedy series is the MTMS. It was more than simply a means of emancipating the female protagonist from onscreen household drudgery; the programme also catalyzed for television to mature and advance beyond its typically frivolous and unsophisticated content.

Addiction, adultery, fair pay for women, and homosexuality are just some of the difficult and realistic themes that the show tackles and the show’s brilliant language allow its complex and now-iconic characters to shine.

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When Mary and her fellow WJM journalistic team members established the norm for professional relationships on television, the programme was so well-liked that it spawned three spin-off series.

After winning a record-breaking 29 Emmys and firmly establishing itself as one of television’s most important shows, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” has finally achieved success.

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5. Parks And Recreation (2009-2015)

Creating the type of comedy that strikes the perfect balance between the creeping, acerbic nature of life and a healthy vein of sincerity that drowns it out demands an exceptionally talented cast and an exquisitely calibrated setting. “Parks and Recreation,” which starred Leslie Knope (an Amy Poehler who never got better), was a show that relished in the little moments of daily life.

mike epps comedy show

No matter whether it was the craziness of the town hall meeting or the excessive amount of binder-based research required for each new Pawnee policy proposal, this NBC sitcom understood how to extract the finest humour possible from props, puns, and the characters themselves, and it was a joy to watch.

By striking a balance between truth and optimism, Michael Schur’s lovable comedy makes the narrative of a little town as timeless as any political drama, no matter how big or small. Parks and recreation are one of the Best Comedy Shows on TV of all time.

6. 30 Rock (2006-2013)

It was not always certain that “30 Rock” would be a smashing success. The first few episodes of Tina Fey’s fictitious, behind-the-scenes look at an NBC sketch comedy programme take some time to get up to speed before they become more enjoyable.

mike epps comedy show

Although their world is lovely and strange at first, it becomes a living, vivid entity as Liz Lemon (Fey), Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin), Tracy Jordan (Tracey Morgan), Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski), Kenneth the Page (Jack McBrayer), and the other men and women who work on “TGS” develop a definition.

And they are all delivered by characters who, by the time the show’s seven-season run was through, had won our affection. 30 Rock stands tall in the list of the best comedy shows!

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7. Veep (2012-2019)

Bossy and obnoxious. Hysterical. Even though they all reflect coded language that is often used to degrade women, particularly women in positions of power, each of these words also gives an accurate appraisal of HBO’s beautiful political comedy, which is headed by Emmy Queen Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

As Selina Meyer demonstrates in her portrayal of the ruthless and take-no-prisoners Selina Meyer, she is the greatest, the most powerful person on television and the most powerful person on the planet. Because the former vice president’s insatiable desire for power is so beautiful, she should be referred to as an honorary “Game of Thrones” character from this point forward. (House Meyer takes home the victory.)

mike epps comedy show

Selina was also the first nasty woman, long before Hillary garnered power by reckless censure. She was known for hurling f-bombs with such finesse that they should be kept in a museum (or a vagi-library, if you will). Finally, Selina and all of her “Veep” colleagues are hysterical to the point of being ridiculously funny.

A barrage of well-choreographed humour is unleashed in Armando Iannucci and (later) David Mandel’s comedy, which ranges from meticulous blocking that results in excellent visual gags (take, for example, Tony Hale’s Gary in any scene where he is not speaking) to relentless monologues that build to a comedic crescendo.

It has to be the bossiest, nastiest, and most hysterical comedy ever written, and it should be very proud of that fact.

8. Seinfield (1989-1998)

That this so-called Emmy-winning “show about nothing” is anything but is shown throughout nine seasons of Jerry Seinfeld portraying a fictitious version of himself, who probes life’s little details through his unique observational lens.

mike epps comedy show

In this social satire that defied most sitcom conventions, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David created their own specific New York world in which unsentimentality and selfishness reigned supreme, particularly among Jerry’s core friends: the weak-willed George Constanza (Jason Alexander), exuberant ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and oddball neighbour Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards), whose talents The programme, which was replete with pop-culture allusions, evolved into a comedic ouroboros, establishing the rich universe that started to loop around and reference itself.

As a result, it continues to be one of the most quotable, syndicated, and sponge-worthy comedies of all time, despite its age. Seinfeld is one of the best comedies ever.

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9. Newsradio (1995-1999)

It is tough to pinpoint what it is about “NewsRadio” that makes it one of the finest sitcoms ever produced. As a result of the many moving elements, the series is a perfect combination of so much humour that has gone before it: from typical workplace comedies to Bob Newhart’s straight guy in the face of craziness to classic vaudeville timing. But, in all seriousness, the rationale is as follows: it is amusing.

It is a hoot. Side-splittingly humorous, causing spit-takes and tears of laughter. It was a lightning-in-a-bottle moment for the creation of Paul Simms, who brought together an unusual group of comic collaborators, including Dave Foley, Phil Hartman, Stephen Root, Maura Tierney, Vicki Lewis, Khandi Alexander, Andy Dick, and Joe Rogan, to bring it to life.

best comedies of all time

Comedies are made or broken by the chemistry of their cast members, and “NewsRadio” may be the alchemical success of the known television universe. Because of poor ratings, “NewsRadio” was always on the verge of being cancelled, making it the hidden gem on a network that already had four other comedies on this list to its credit.

While viewers are rediscovering programmes via streaming platforms, the absence of a regular distributor means that the series is at risk of being forgotten by fans who are no longer reliant on the comforts of cable repeats. This comedy for the ages is deserving of a better ending. Newsradio is a classic that is considered among the Best Comedy Show on TV.

10. BoJack Horseman (2014-2019)

Riding on the top of the funniest shows on Netflix, BoJack is cleverly unique in presenting its bold lesson. Due to the foolishness of the first few episodes of BoJack Horseman, fans may walk away from the show. However, it delves deeper than one would expect from a drama about a horseman and his fellow animal people, becoming both extremely genuine and melancholy at certain parts.

best comedies of all time

The humour, however, is constantly interwoven throughout the convoluted narratives, and the grief is further heightened by the inclusion of the comedy. That is the kind of entertainment we are dealing with in this situation. But there is a gloomy undertone to this series that is masked by the smart writing, the rich gags, and the amusing scenarios.

Even though he is a horse, BoJack is one of the most human-like characters on American television. BoJack Horseman is one of the most popular funny Best Comedy Shows on Netflix!

Binge-Watch The Best Comedy TV Show Of All Time

There are a zillion and one way to dissect the internal workings of a successful comedy show. To be sure, it has to make you laugh, but that is just the very minimum need. If someone says something funny, do they laugh with a chuckle, or do they break out in a sob that makes them cry? Is it a witty commentary on society, or does it show a human horse wandering about and causing havoc in his life (“BoJack, we are looking at you!”)?

Whether you want your comedy to be intellectual, vulgar, or a mix of the two, we are living in the golden era of streaming, which means that there is no lack of excellent options to choose from. And with this article, we have presented you with the best comedies of all time.

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