Top 10 Best Naruto Characters

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Naruto Characters

Naruto is a popular anime series that many anime fans are acquainted with. Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, two of the most successful and beloved Shonen anime series of all time, opened the way for a new generation of fans to appreciate the adventures of Konoha as its Jinchuriki ended up on a journey to rescue the whole Shinobi world from devastation and his closest buddy from himself.

One of the primary reasons for Naruto’s continuous popularity is the number of entertaining characters on the show; people who make you want to cheer for them, who make you laugh out loud, and who keep viewers and readers coming back for more, episode after episode. We will go through the list of the best Naruto characters.

Best Naruto Characters:

These are the best Naruto characters from all Naruto characters:

1. Iruka Umino

Iruka, an average person with a large heart who was not afraid to express it, had a lasting impression on the early tale of Naruto with his generosity and compassion. As a result, he was the first person to perceive Naruto as a fragile little child who need a little more tender loving care, rather than as a bother or a ticking time bomb.

This achievement is all the more impressive when you remember that Naruto was harboring the Nine-Tails monster that was responsible for the deaths of Iruka’s parents. Iruka, on the other hand, has the inner courage to look past this and care for Naruto as if he were his son.

Iruka Umino

Despite making just a few cameo appearances later in the series, Iruka managed to maintain a consistent position in the top ten of practically every annual Naruto Character Popularity Survey. Because he has not played a major part in the plot in a long time, it is easy to forget how significant an influence Iruka had on Naruto.

However, he was Naruto’s first instructor and, in many ways, the one who laid the groundwork for the man he would become. Although Kakashi has taken up the position of Naruto’s teacher, Iruka continues to offer advice to his former student on occasion. While Kakashi taught Naruto a great deal about how to be a ninja, it is possible that Iruka taught him much more about how to live a decent life.

Iruka was far from the greatest shinobi, and he surely lacked the mysterious calm of Kakashi. He also did not teach Naruto any kickass Jutsu, which was a major disappointment. His presence was constant for his pupils, and he instilled in Naruto the ability to believe in himself just as he did. He is one of the most famous Naruto main characters.

2. Kabuto Yakushi

One of the most famous Naruto Shippuden characters, Kabuto, the sneakiest of sneaky bastards, had an important role in the development of the Naruto plot as an adversary and Orochimaru’s right-hand man in the early sections of the series. His abilities were first overlooked, but as time progressed, we became more aware of his extraordinary capabilities.

As Kabuto demonstrated, it is not often that the evil characters in anime manage to remain hidden in plain sight. Kabuto was a great manipulator who managed to trick everyone, even Orochimaru, who was perplexed as to whose side he was on. His background, on the other hand, was what distinguished Kabuto as a fascinating and sympathetic figure.

Kabuto Yakushi

His upbringing was traumatic, but it was also defined by the generosity on the part of his parents. With several cover stories under his belt, he began to doubt his own identity and purpose, which led to an affiliation with the power-hungry Orochimaru, with who he eventually became friends. Kabuto is one of the best characters from Naruto.

Kabuto progressed from being a sidekick to being a magnificent villain in his own right, through physical and mental alterations that made him one of the most fully realized characters in the whole franchise. Undefeated by some of the best Shinobi in the world, he utilized his enhanced knowledge and powers to turn the tables on them, only to turn around and reveal himself to be not such a horrible man after all.

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3. Rock Lee

Rock Lee is one of the best custom Naruto characters. Rock Lee provided a lot of color to the storey, perhaps a bit too aggressive at times, but always fiercely dedicated to his goal. He possessed the unique “disability” of only being proficient in taijutsu, a martial arts branch of ninja skills. As a result, he could not use any of the awesome Saiyan-like abilities like Chidori and Rasengan.

But that did not matter to Lee; despite his shortcomings, he grew into a formidable ninja. Lee’s difficulties did not stop with his lack of other sorts of Jutsu. This is a boy who is surrounded by ninja “genius,” many of whom come from well-known families that have a lengthy history of extraordinary exploits.

Rock Lee

Not to mention his peculiar looks, which attracts a lot of ridicule from his classmates. Lee was the series’ genuine underdog — the guy at school who had to work extra hard to gain respect since he was odd-looking and was not born into the right family. Lee has nothing but his willpower and his physique, which he puts through terrible hardships to attain his objectives.

Even though his journey would be incomplete without his teacher, Might Guy, it is his admiration of his mentor and father figure that adds a heartbreaking element to a character who, like so many others in the series, had a difficult childhood. Lee is arguably the character from Naruto that parents would most desire their children to learn from.

4. Sakura

The next one on our list of Naruto characters is Sakura. Sakura, one of the most notable female Naruto characters, has a poor reputation among certain fans. Some say Sakura is written into irrelevance in the Shippuden section of the tale, while others find her ongoing crush on Sasuke despite his progressively villainous activities very infuriating.


Although you may argue that Naruto should have done more with Sakura, the character is still more fun than most people give her credit for. Sakura is known for her excellent brains early in the book, but as the storey unfolds, she learns to excel in medical Jutsu and inherits Tsunade’s barbarian strength as well.

Sakura’s passion for Sasuke can be irritating at times, but this is mitigated by the fact that she eventually has a child with him, demonstrating that her emotions for him are true love rather than a stupid childish infatuation, as many others assumed.

5. Madara Uchiha

For most of the Naruto narrative, Madara Uchiha is a legendary character who eventually evolves into one of the series’ main adversaries. Madara’s power is biblical in comparison to Hashirama Senju’s, and his mastery of the Susanoo method provides for numerous awe-inspiring scenes in the anime series.

Madara Uchiha

Madara’s calm and threatening demeanour instantly draws attention, and the revelation that he is secretly responsible for so many events in the Naruto saga adds to the suspense of his eventual resurrection. Madara’s immense might cements his reputation as one of the franchise’s top villains once he is brought back to life, as proven by his epic battle with an Eight Gates-powered Might Guy.

Unfortunately, the discoveries after Naruto Shippuden contradict much of this wonderful character work, revealing him to be little more than a puppet in the plots of a much more powerful arch-villain. Some fans thought that the famous Uchiha deserved to be the series’ ultimate enemy, and this choice was not uniformly favourably welcomed. This might be among the best fan made Naruto characters.

6. Neji

As he brutalised his fellow Hyuuga clan member Hinata in the Chuunin examinations, Neji felt more like one of Naruto’s enemies. Neji’s rage is well-developed, with a fascinating political backstory that dives into the inner workings of his clan, and his heinous power establishes the boy as a frightening figure right away.

However, after being thrashed by the inferior Naruto, Neji swiftly alters his ways and relaxes even more as the storey develops. When Neji sacrifices himself to aid Naruto and Hinata in the Fourth Great Shinobi War, fans are irrevocably damaged by the character’s dramatic final stand. Neji is famous for Naruto characters drawing.


With his stunning, white-eyed looks, fluid fighting technique, and calm, collected demeanour, Neji makes a significant contribution to the Naruto brand even before his terrible demise.
His innate brilliance clashed with Naruto’s hard work ethic, but the two’s ultimate relationship embodied one of the programmes is central messages: excellence is earned, not given. Because of his cute face, he is one of the baby Naruto characters.

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7. Tsunade

It is unusual for a woman in a “boys” manga to be both strong and beautiful, to embody both masculine and feminine qualities. Tsunade was exactly that, and it was a welcome variation from the norm. Tsunade was a no-nonsense woman with the face of a fashion model and boobs big enough to function as flotation equipment in a water emergency who gambled, drank, and punched people in the face.


Despite her traditional “assets,” her elevation to Hokage was a striking statement in the series about female equality. There were few female characters in the programme at the time, and they were all portrayed as less significant and influential than their male counterparts, but Tsunade changed that and gave the tale a much-needed female perspective.

Tsunade also served as a powerful mentor figure for Sakura, who was frequently overlooked by her male teammates. In manga and anime, there are many male student-teacher relationships, but Tsunade and Sakura established a unique and efficient female version. He is one of the strongest Naruto characters.

8. Kurama

One of the best black Naruto characters, Kurama may be at a disadvantage when it comes to appealing himself to audiences because he is the sole non-human character on our list. Furthermore, for most of Naruto, the Nine-Tailed Fox serves as a storey device rather than a fully developed character. However, as Naruto’s power grows, Kurama’s true nature begins to shine through.

Naruto ultimately achieves enough power to tame the beast within him, allowing the ninja to make the promise to erase the fury within Kurama one day. From this point on, the Nine-Tails becomes a more sympathetic presence to Naruto, rather than a faceless, furious temptation.


When the backstory of the Nine-Tailed Fox is revealed, the reasons for his wrath become evident, and his growing bond with his Jinchuuriki Naruto becomes one of the series’ most compelling components. Naruto and Kurama’s collaboration is a delight to watch after several episodes in which the two were at odds, and the fox’s dry sense of humour just adds to his lively personality. He is famous among Naruto characters wallpaper.

9. Hinata

The Naruto manga’s audience was split into two separate factions near the end: those who wanted Naruto to marry Sakura and those who believed Hinata was the perfect companion for him. Masashi Kishimoto, the author, was definitely on the latter side, and it is simple to understand why given the amount of character development the Hyuuga goes through.

One of the finest storylines in the game is Hinata’s metamorphosis from a quiet, modest figure scared to make a peep to a revered Konoha ninja capable of standing up to Pain’s strength. The fact that Naruto himself inspired this metamorphosis only adds to the sweetness of the pair’s final romance.


Hinata is not simply Naruto’s loving companion; she is also a strong fighter in her own right, capable of giving Neji a run for his money when it comes to using the Gentle Fist. She also demonstrates exceptional loyalty and, more importantly, is one of the few characters who has always acknowledged Naruto’s qualities. Hinata is among the best Naruto female characters. She is one of the most loved anime Naruto characters.

10. Gaara

Gaara is one of the stronger male Naruto characters. Gaara is a reformed adversary in the Naruto series and is easily one of the greatest characters in the series. Gaara, a fellow Jinchuuriki, and Naruto both had rough childhoods, but they dealt with them in quite different ways. Naruto, like Neji, is responsible for putting Gaara back on the right track with a good thrashing, and the two become fast friends as a consequence.


Gaara’s sand-based combat tactics make for an intriguing fighting style, and the savagery with which he performs such moves – especially as a villain – is often deliciously excruciating to see. Gaara’s transformation from a vengeful youngster to a recognised Kage keeps the character fresh moving into Shippuden, yet his new profession does not stop him from fighting.

The tragic backstory that surrounds Gaara adds another depth of complexity to his character and manages to explain both his wicked roots and his ultimate transformation into a decent guy while also rallying every spectator and reader behind him.

Best Naruto Characters To Adore:

The period in the Naruto franchise is one of the reasons the major characters go through some intensive character development. The spectator may follow the best Naruto characters in their teen years. Because the anime has so many flashbacks and filler episodes, the adult characters are more completely developed than they may have been in the original manga series. We hope this article on Naruto characters names entertained you completely.

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