Best PC Games Of All Time Worth Checking Out

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Best PC Games

The PC has long been seen as a system that, by its very nature, is superior to any other console. Even though it has the largest library of any ‘console,’ it is simple to locate a broad selection of amazing games to enjoy and play. But what about the games that genuinely stand out and are head and shoulders above the competition? 

Many titles deserve to be included on the list of the best PC games of all time, and some of them may not immediately spring to mind when thinking of the best PC games. Finding the best PC games is not a simple undertaking. You may have observed that there are a significant number of them. 

From Steam games to all of those other platforms you like playing on, there has never been a better time to be a discriminating PC gamer. If you are someone who wants to check out games that are widely regarded as some of the top PC games of all time, and you are wondering how to go about finding such titles, then you do not have to worry any longer. 

We have got you covered with this article. In this article, we will go through a list of the best PC games that you need to play right away! We guarantee that you would fall in love with these titles.

Best PC Games 2023:

For the love of low latency and high scores, let’s begin:

1. Valorant

Since 2012, CS: GO has stood alone as the pinnacle of professional first-person shooter games, thanks to shooting mechanics that emphasise technical talent above all else, a weapon economy that forces players to constantly rethink their strategies and wonderfully balanced maps. 

Valorant does all of this while also including a diverse cast of characters, each of whom has a unique set of passive, active, and ultimate skills. Some of those skills, such as smokescreens, flashes, and grenades, have CS: GO analogues, but there is a subtlety to how each Agent’s kit functions that guarantee that every match plays out differently from the last.

Exploring how to mix Agent abilities and apply them to each of the game’s areas is a never-ending learning curve that constantly promotes experimentation and unconventional gameplay. Although it is possible to acquire certain fundamental ability locations from YouTube, creating your own will always provide you with a higher chance of catching your opponent off guard.

Valorant may not win over FPS purists, but it is considerably more approachable and provides new players with an entry point that does not need them to be very, extremely skilled at clicking on heads to progress. Also, Valorant is one of the best free PC games that you could enjoy for hours without paying a single penny.


Reasons To Love Valorant As One Of The Best Free PC Games:

  • Fast-paced action
  • Free to play
  • Zero tolerance for cheaters
  • Multiple legends for different gameplay styles

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2. Grand Theft Auto V

One of the most popular video games ever created, Grand Theft Auto V is without a doubt one of the most widely played. With the game setting more and more sales and popularity records each year, as well as its visible omnipresence in the gaming community since its release, it is easy to see why this is considered to be one of the best PC games of all time. 

Those who have not had the opportunity to play Grand Theft Auto V yet may wonder: what is it about this game that has earned it such high praise from the gaming community? Grand Theft Auto V is a terrific game that offers a lot of different experiences. One of the most stunning aspects of the game is the real narrative that takes place inside it. 

You explore the world of Los Santos while taking on the roles of three distinct people with contrasting origins and philosophies. You also get all too acquainted with the city’s underbelly. Each character has its own unique set of appealing characteristics and points of view that make you feel as if you are getting to know them better. 

All of the missions are incredibly detailed and lifelike, and the action ranges from intense combat to more relaxed towing duties. While Grand Theft Auto V is a narrative-driven game, it is also a realistic (albeit violent) real-life simulator in which players are free to explore, admire, and live in the huge universe of GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto V

Reasons To Love GTA V As One Of The Best PC Games Of All Time:

  • Vast story
  • Multiplayer experience
  • Regular updates
  • Endless list of activities

3. Minecraft

Minecraft is a game with almost limitless possibilities for enjoyment, and it is ideal for players of all ages and skill levels. Minecraft, the most popular video game ever developed, achieved icon status almost immediately after its debut in November 2011. Because of the game’s continuous popularity, there are presently 126 million players.

Minecraft is renowned for its highly blocky graphic design, which has a basic but expressive appearance, as well as the beautiful music that goes along with it. There are five distinct primary game types to choose from: adventure mode, creative mode, survival mode, hardcore mode, and spectator mode. Each of these games has its own set of rules.

In Adventure mode, players are allowed to explore environments that have been made by other players while battling different foes and earning various things. The creative mode enables you to utilise a variety of things and resources to construct the worlds of your dreams – it is one of the most popular options among players in the game. 

There are a plethora of different ways to enjoy playing Minecraft, thanks to the many modes and the multiplayer option. Nine years of player-created stages have resulted in tens of thousands of intricately detailed landscapes and planets for you to discover and explore. If you are searching for a game to play with family and friends, or a game to explore and construct your worlds, Minecraft is a great choice.


Why We Love Minecraft As One Of The Best Coop Games PC:

  • Unique graphic style
  • Single and multiplayer
  • Immersive world
  • Customizable artefacts

4. Red Dead Redemption 2

In Rockstar’s follow-up to one of the best western games of all time – Grand Theft Auto V – you will assume the role of tough bandit Arthur Morgan, a member of the reckless and destructive Van der Linde gang, who is on the run from the authorities. 

In Red Dead Redemption 2, as you ride through the merciless fictional United States landscape, you will not only be thrust into a perilous world where outlaws are facing extinction, crushed under the accountability of law and order but you will also be thrust into a downward spiral of morality vs. survival.

The beauty of Red Dead Redemption rests in the impending doom that awaits the group and the stolen moments spent around the campfire. To save and comfort his whole beleaguered family, even the nasty rogues who look hell-bent on leading the group to a calamitous conclusion, Arthur feels a crushing sense of duty. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of those games that will stick with you for a long time after the credits have finished rolling. With a wealth of detail and passion, from calm haunts following mythical creatures and harvesting herbs from the sides of old trains, to times of desperation in which the gang leads a desperate reprisal against competitors, this world is rich with detail and heart.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Why We See Red Dead Redemption As One Of The Best PC Games 2023:

  • Amazing graphic detailing
  • Vast open-world map
  • Captivating storyline
  • Unique mini-plots

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5. Dishonored 2

Because of the very good feedback received by the original Dishonored game, fans were eager to learn whether or not a sequel would be possible. Game developer Bethesda worked tirelessly on the sequel’s development, making certain that gamers would get the enhancements that they desired. As a consequence, Dishonored 2 was met with critical praise upon its debut, with fans praising the game’s combat and general gameplay enhancements.

The gameplay features and the overall storey of Dishonored were the most crucial parts of the game for the majority of enthusiasts. The makers of Dishonored 2 concentrated on enhancing the sense of ‘dead air’ that could be sensed in some areas of the game. Following the decision to make the protagonist mute in the first game, the creators decided to give the new protagonist a voice and a more distinct character in the sequel.

Because the graphic style and design of the game were directly inspired by the aesthetics of paintings, the game is aesthetically bizarre, continually blurring the barrier between reality and one’s subjective perspective. According to the game’s plot, there has been an apparent age-old battle between an authoritarian ruler and a revolutionary paramilitary force attempting to bring about social reform. 

The gameplay has been enhanced in practically every aspect; stealth aspects have been emphasised and refined, combat has been made more fluid and intuitive, and abilities have been extended and upgraded, among other things. Players may sprint through confrontations with foes in Dishonored 2, which is an action-adventure game with stealth aspects.

Dishonored 2

Reasons To Put Dishonored 2 Among One Of The Best Single Player PC Games:

  • Innovative gameplay style
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Refine playstyles
  • Intriguing gameplay

6. Project Cars 2

Historically, driving simulators have tended to emphasise the task of hurling a vehicle around a track at high speeds rather than the delight of doing so. Over the years, the term “realistic handling” has evolved to denote “unrealistically gripless and uncontrollable handling,” according to certain sources. 

Fortunately, the most recent wave of high-profile driving games is working to remedy this issue, with Project Cars 2 presently leading the charge. Although Slightly Mad’s interpretation of automotive physics is not without flaws, it is likely the closest any developer has gotten to accurately recreating the real-world sensation of driving to yet. Project Cars 2 is one of the best free PC games 2023.

Every wheel movement, the changing weight of the automobile, and every minute change in surface roughness are all discernible to the human senses. The majority of the time, the cars react to your inputs in the same manner as a real automobile would respond. Those who are willing to completely immerse themselves in this tough racer will find it to be one of the best racing games available on the PC market today.

Project Cars 2

Key Features Of Project Cars 2 As One Of The Best Racing Games PC:

  • Fast-paced racing
  • Realistic physics
  • Competitive racing
  • Immersive gameplay

7. Jedi: Fallen Order

Many players were taken by surprise by the release of Jedi: Fallen Order; after the disastrous launches of the Battlefront reboots, many fans of Star Wars games were not expecting any new titles to be released shortly, much alone in the same year. One of the most noticeable things lacking from the Battlefront games was a sense of depth; both Battlefronts were very barren, underdeveloped, and uninspiring when they first launched. 

With these games embracing a more multiplayer-oriented approach, players began to pine for the earlier, more grandiose Star Wars games that placed a greater emphasis on single-player optimization. Consequently, the release of Jedi: Fallen Order could not have arrived at a more opportune moment.

Designed as an action-adventure game, Fallen Order follows the storey of a character named Cal Kestis, an apprentice Jedi (padawan) attempting to complete his training. As he attempts to reestablish the Jedi Order after it has been deemed “lost,” Cal finds himself in a battle with the Empire. 

In keeping with the quality of most Star Wars products, the plot is excellent, with the Star Wars universe serving as much of a primary character as Cal himself. The game’s gameplay and exploration are both relatively linear, with optimization efforts concentrating on battle systems rather than explorable environments.

Jedi: Fallen Order

Reasons To Love Jedi Fallen Order As One Of The Best Games To Play On PC:

  • Amazing gameplay
  • Explorable environments
  • Great single-player experience
  • Connecting Star Wars story

8. Fortnite

Because of its widespread popularity in the gaming and media industries since its premiere in 2017, Fortnite has become practically omnipresent. Fortnite was one of a handful of games that were pioneering the battle royale genre when it was first released, and it continues to be one of the most popular today. Fortnite is one of the best multiplayer games PC. 

The initial popularity of the genre was dominated by Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), which was published later in 2017 than other titles in the category. Fortnite has already surpassed PUBG in terms of player count in less than a year, making it is eventual overtake of the game likely.

Fortnite’s graphic style is particularly distinctive; with more cartoonish, light-hearted character designs and aesthetics, the game appeals to players of all ages, from children to adults. However, the game’s soundtrack is not just memorable, but also quite common. When you enter Fortnite, you are dropped into a lobby with 100 other players, and you must race to grab loot and weaponry while attempting to be the last player remaining.


Why We Consider Fortnite As One Of The Best Multiplayer PC Games:

  • Multiplayer mode
  • Seasonal battle passes
  • Constant updates
  • Battle Royale

9. Celeste

Even though Celeste is an outstanding platformer, it also has a profound tale about overcoming adversity. In the role of Madeline, you are faced with surviving the perilous trek up Celeste Mountain, through over 700 screens of platforming difficulties that will put even the most seasoned veterans to the test. 

With a straightforward set of maneuvers that are guaranteed not to alienate newbies — failure is common but never seems harsh – the controls are razor-sharp, and the gameplay is straightforward. Even better, Celeste’s narrative of survival and self-discovery is strengthened even more by her recurrent failures.


Key Features Of Celeste As One Of The Best PC Games With Controller:

  • Great metaphor
  • Endless gaming
  • Razor-sharp controls
  • Great narrative

10. The Witcher 3

The most memorable and painful events in videogames may be found inside missions, and those found in The Witcher 3 are some of the most memorable and devastating moments in videogames. Its brilliance rests in the subtle portrayal of its characters. Take, for example, the Bloody Baron, who, upon first meeting him, seems to be a cruel, unpleasant person who has no redeeming traits whatsoever. 

You despise the fact that you have to assist him in any way. Although his character defects are repulsive, after his story, you will find yourself empathising with him. It is dark fantasy at its most ominous — an adult game that is truly intended for adults, and it is full of scenes that will linger in your mind long after the credits have rolled.

The Witcher 3

Why We Love Witcher 3 As One Of The Best RPG Games PC:

  • Fast-paced action
  • Good side missions
  • Great character building
  • Amazing soundtracks

Enjoy The Best PC Games:

There are a lot of PC games that should be added to this list, and we will add the best PC games in different articles. For the time being, you should try out this list of the best PC games. 

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