Retro Gaming Systems to Inspire Genuine Nostalgia

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Genuine Nostalgia

Video games used to live a simpler life in what was previously known as the “arcade” before they evolved into fully immersive, open-world, at-home experiences that function as social platforms (and even concert venues) and require their own furniture and other accouterments.

There was no on-demand game download option. Players visited a real-world area in the hopes that: The game machine wasn’t surrounded by children who were lining up quarters down the bottom of the screen to indicate who had “next,” it had their favorite game, and it wasn’t out of order. It was game on if the stars lined up. Use the best Daraz Voucher Code to get amazing discounts on your orders.

Naturally, for vintage players of a specific generation, these frequently straightforward, repetitive games symbolize the history of gaming and retain a lot of memories.

The number of modestly scaled-down remakes of classic games has increased over the last few years. The same can be said for kits that can be customized to create cabinets, tabletop games, or even wall-mounted consoles that come with all the recognizable joysticks, clacky buttons, and other bells and whistles that would make even the most ardent Pac-Man fan swoon. Price, available space, and, of course, your game or games of choice, all play a role in choosing the best one for the retro gamer inside of you.

How to get going is as follows:

A buying guide for vintage gaming arcade cabinets

Sizes of arcade cabinets

The standard height and depth of a stand-up video game cabinet were both around 6 feet.

Many of the consumer versions currently on the market are “scaled down” or “34 scales,” but they are still between 4 and 5 feet tall and have a depth similar to an original retro console.

To utilize the arcade machine as a desktop player or to reproduce the look and feel of a vintage cabinet, some manufacturers offer a “stand” that is distinct from the game controls and screen.

Make sure you have clearance and space for retro gaming equipment before you buy.

Types of Arcade Games

The new at-home versions of arcade games come in a variety of formats.

Classic Cabinets: When you think about classic arcade games, you generally imagine vintage standing arcade machines.

Sit-Down Machines: There were “sit down” variants of some older games (often racing games based on cars), where players would climb into a larger machine to play.

Cocktail Machines: A miniature coffee table with a television screen and controllers on either end. These varieties used to be offered by a few shops, and some can still be found in vintage arcades.

Even more timeless than the arcade cabinet, pinball machines have been a source of nostalgia since the 1950s.


Consider a machine that allows you to modify the size if size is a problem (as in, adding a complete standing cabinet vs. just a desktop game).

While some gaming devices can only play one specific game (or a predetermined group of games), others let you download or install games. Think about incorporating mountable or otherwise integrated machines into your house design.


The cost of a machine can vary based on its type, size, and memory (for those that permit the addition of new games) (a pinball machine vs. a tabletop game, for example). The arcade gaming consoles that we hand-selected for the t Splurge-Worthy Award for 2022 may be on the pricey side, but they will undoubtedly provide you with the best value for your money. Please take note that both prices and stock can fluctuate.

The best gaming cabinets for home arcades

1. The Tron arcade game Arcade1Up

Why We Love It: The Arcade1Up Tron machine is unmatched in terms of aesthetics, painstakingly replicating the distinctive look and feel of the original cult hit game.

what you receive The Tron cabinet is somewhat smaller than the original, standing just under 5 feet tall, but Arcade1Up went above and above to surround the game with all the artistic elements that made the original so popular, right down to the light-up blue joystick with the trigger. Yes, it focuses solely on this one game, but it’s a stunning one. Amazon Promo Code can help you save money on your online shopping.

2. Cocktail arcade game by Prime Arcade

Why We Enjoy It: A chic tabletop, or “cocktail,” gaming device that complements rather than overpowers your home’s decor.

What You Get: Unlike some of the other options, the Prime Arcade Cocktail machine isn’t “scaled down”; instead, it’s a completely brand-new machine that was just pulled out of an arcade (or bar) and feels exactly like you remember. Although this is one of the more expensive alternatives, it also includes over 1,100 games, including classics like Q-Bert, Frogger, and Street Fighter II.

3. Mini-Player My Arcade Data East Classic

Why We Love It: This little will give all the memories at half the size and price for those who don’t have the space (or the budget) for a larger machine. Additionally, Data East’s selection of old games is quite strong.

what you receive This miniature is easily transportable and storable in almost any place, measuring about 6.25 by 7 by 12 inches and weighing only approximately 2 pounds. Additionally, it features more than 35 timeless games like BurgerTime, Karate Champ, and Heavy Barrel.

4. The mini console arcade game Pac-Man

Why We Love It: This is without a doubt the cutest and most giftable choice out there. Additionally, it pays a sweet homage to the great-grandfather of all video game heroes.

What You Get: A miniature, roughly keychain-sized, working replica of the original Pac-Man machine. Yes, it is still playable and still has all the familiar music and noises. Additionally, Tiny Arcade produces ones for Tetris, Pole Position, and Space Invaders.

5. Star Wars Pinball from Arcade1Up

Why We Love It: A modernized version of a retro-style game with enough small touches to excite both gamers and “Star Wars” aficionados.

what you receive The three-quarters scaled machine (measurements: 60 inches tall, 36 inches long, and 20.5 inches broad) pays homage to each “Star Wars” era with themes and “games” you can swap up. It is a classic pinball machine with an updated edge. The ideal method to look vintage while still embracing current elements.

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