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The information technology industry has evolved into the backbone of the corporate sector. It leads to innovation, and innovation is the key to ensuring the long-term viability of the top IT companies in India.

The old type of company, which does not include the use of information technology, seems to be less effective presently when compared to huge technology companies that operate at a rapid speed of technological advancement.

IT stimulates creativity since, via the use of freshly built software, it aids in the storage of data, facilitates communication, and brings forth the finest and newest technology. The government is seeking so many advantages from the digital revolution that it has compelled every firm, even small-scale enterprises, to rely on computers and technological advances to succeed.

This trend is utilised by the top 10 IT companies in India. These top IT companies in India have focused solely on their innovation and proved to be the best over years. Today, we will be having a detailed look at the top 10 IT companies in India that are pioneers in the technological field!

But before everything else, let us see different types of IT functions, and why the IT sector of India is booming!

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Different IT Functions:

We should know about different IT functions before checking out top IT companies in India. IT functions may be divided into three categories:

1. Infrastructure

This role encompasses all of the components of hardware, software, and network resources that are critical to the continued existence and functioning of an information technology company. Networking, platform administration, security, storage architecture, and other services are examples of these.

2. Governance

The second function, known as IT Governance, is responsible for incorporating efficient assessment of a firm or any other individual customer using information technology systems and new approaches. COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies) and ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) are examples of IT governance firms (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).

3. Functionality

Software as a service, also known as FaaS (Function as a service), is a department of information technology that offers a platform for businesses to operate, build, and manage the functions of applications. Cloud computing, database management, and other similar technologies are examples.

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Reasons For IT Boom In India:

Many individuals have been taken aback by the fast rise of India’s information technology industry. The burgeoning industry thrives to go beyond just providing a service. It has grown into a substantial enterprise in its own right. But why is the IT sector growing so rapidly in India?

1. Skilled Human Resource

top it companies in india

Indian parents have always considered science to be the most promising sector for raising their children’s living standards. Whether from an academic or economical standpoint, many parents believe that science is the best option for their children.

All of this has resulted in the emergence of some of the most talented software and development professionals in the world. The information technology industry has a large number of persons in their community that are proficient and knowledgeable in their field. A key cause for the sector’s growth has been the combination of external policies and plans, as well as an internal pool of skilled individuals working in this field.

2. Digitization

top it companies in india

The digitization of enterprises has a profound impact on the ability of IT and software firms to achieve breakthrough success.

3. Constant Technological Innovations

top it companies in india

A new collection of technologies has been brought into the information technology arena in recent years, all of which are intended to improve the operation of an application or program.

The use of these modern-day technologies by some of the world’s most successful businesses has created new possibilities and growth outlets for the information technology sector.

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4. Favourable Government Policies

top it companies in india

In addition to internal considerations, the government may have a significant impact on the success of a sector. Similarly, the government’s SEZs (Special Economized Zones) offer numerous firms a tax-free environment in which to operate and function. This is one of the most important factors contributing to the development of the hub for IT entrepreneurs.

5. Low Operational Costs

top it companies in india

In comparison to the western world, large and small businesses alike choose to outsource their IT services to India since the amounts paid as operating costs are much lower. When compared to other nations, the cost of a labor unit in India is quite inexpensive. The cheap operating expenses and favorable regulations that India offers to software businesses have a significant impact on the development of the industry.

Apart from all of these considerations, the pandemic is unquestionably a stimulus for the future development of information technology enterprises. Amid pandemic, not only does every firm demand a digital method of operation, but it also requires a more efficient operation. All of this is made possible by the high-quality services supplied by the leading IT businesses in the country.

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Top IT Companies In India Helping To Craft Perfection For Their Clients:

1. Hexaware

top it companies in india

This is our first entry into IT companies in India’s top 10. This firm was founded in the year of 1990. Atul Nishar is the company’s founder and chairman, as well as its CEO. R Srikrishna is the company’s chief executive officer. The company’s headquarters are in Mumbai, which serves as its nerve center. The firm has 33 offices in different countries throughout the world.

2. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is an Indian multinational information technology corporation that provides commercial services and consulting. In terms of revenue projections for 2020, it is the biggest Indian information technology business. TCS has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and its main campus is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, both of which are situated in India.

Forbes’ survey of the world’s most innovative companies rated TCS at 64th place overall, making it the firm with the highest rating in the IT services industry. It is a significant accomplishment in and of itself to have a job at Forbes, a worldwide known publication. Furthermore, TCS was rated eleventh on the Fortune India 500 list in 2018, which is another gold medal for the organization.

top it companies in india

TCS is the fourth biggest employer in India, after only Indian Railways, the Indian Army, and the Indian Postal Service. It is one of the most employee-engaged IT firms in the world, with more than 5,00,000 workers (as of the 8th of July, 2021). TCS had a total income of Rs.167,311 crore ($22 billion), which was the most in the industry (2021).

According to the company’s financial statements, its net income was Rs. 32,562 crores, with an operating income of Rs. 44,397 crores. This is one of the top IT companies in the India share market generating high ROI for the stakeholders.

3. Infosys

Business consulting and outsourcing services are provided by Infosys, a publicly-traded global information technology corporation in the market. As of 2020, it is the second-largest information technology corporation in terms of revenue. Following the publication of the Forbes Global 2000 list, it was ranked the 602nd biggest public business in the world by the publication.

top it companies in india

In 2021, it became the fourth Indian business to have a market valuation of $100 billion. The organization is well-known for providing services in a variety of industries, including finance, insurance, manufacturing, and others. Cloud-based services, consulting services, digital marketing, engineering services, artificial intelligence services, and many more services are among the well-known services that it provides in the market.

The information technology corporation has a significant presence in nations such as India, Australia, Japan, the United States, and Europe. With a total of 259,619 Infoscions (also known as Infosys workers), 229,658 are software and technical specialists, with the remaining sales and support professionals rounding out the workforce. So, we could easily say that Infosys is among the top IT companies in the Indian share market.

4. Wipro

The next name in our list of the top IT MNC companies in India is Wipro. Wipro is one of India’s most innovative and leading information technology firms, with a specialization in consulting and IT services. Wipro is headquartered in Bangalore, India. Mohamed Premji founded the firm, which was formerly known as “Western India Products.”

Wipro was ranked second among the Newsweek Global 500 Green firms in 2012, and the company was granted the ATD’s Best of the BEST award the following year. On the Forbes Global 2000 list, it was ranked 755th out of 2000 companies.

top it companies in india

According to Wipro workers, the work-life balance is the best when compared to other information technology organizations. As of 2021, the organization will have a total of 231,671 employees and serve customers in 110 countries. Its headquarters are in the city of Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka.

Approximately Rs. 83,143 crores ($11 billion) in total assets will be controlled by the corporation in 2021. Wipro reported a net profit of Rs. 10,866 crores ($1.4 billion), with an operational profit of Rs. 13,900 crores ($1.8 billion) in the quarter. In 2021, the company’s total equity was estimated to be Rs. 54,000 crores.

5. HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies is always placed among the top IT MNC companies in India for ages. HCL Technologies is an Indian multinational corporation that provides consulting services in the market. The company’s headquarters are in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and it was founded in 1984.

It has a diverse portfolio of businesses in a variety of areas, including finance and banking, aerospace, chemical and process industries, telecommunications, transportation, logistics, and hospitality. It was recognized for its achievements by being included in the Forbes Global 2000 list and is among the top 20 biggest publicly listed firms in India.

top it companies in india

It has operations in around 50 countries, including India, according to the company. In addition to India, it is also present in Indonesia, Australia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, China, Denmark, France, and several other nations. HCL said that it will begin operations in Sri Lanka in 2020.

HCL’s business lines include cybersecurity and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) services, engineering services, system integration, digital and analytics, and business process outsourcing (BPO). HCL Technologies has a subsidiary named HCL Infrastructure Services Divisions, which is solely dedicated to delivering information technology services.

As of 2021, HCL had a net income of Rs.11,169 crore ($1.5 billion) and an operating income of Rs.22,331 crore ($3 billion), with an operating profit of Rs.22,331 crore ($3 billion). The entire equity and total assets of the firm were Rs. 59,370 and Rs. 86,194 correspondingly, according to the balance sheet.

6. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is an Indian multinational information technology corporation that specializes in the provision of outsourcing, consulting, and information technology services, as well as assistance in the resolution of complicated business challenges. Its headquarters are in the Indian city of Pune.

The business was ranked 5th among Indian information technology companies. Tech Mahindra was ranked 47th on the Fortune India 500 list in the year 2021, a position that will remain unchanged. In 2018, the IDC Insights Award recognized the company’s achievements.

top it companies in india

Tech Mahindra has operations in practically all of India’s major metropolises, including Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Noida, Gurgaon, and several other locations. Aside from India, it has spread to several regions of Asia, North and South America, Australia, Europe, and Africa, among other places.

It employs around 125,236 people in 90 different countries. As of April 2020, Tech Mahindra has 973 customers that are currently engaged. Employee engagement activities that are well-designed by the organization help to keep its employees engaged. In the fiscal year 2021, Tech Mahindra had a net income of Rs.4,353 crore ($580 million) and an operating income of Rs.6,126 crore ($810 million), respectively.

As of 2021, the entire equity of the firm was Rs. 24,428 crores, and the total value of its assets was Rs. 39,678 crores, according to the latest available data. This data is sufficient to put Tech Mahindra among the top IT companies in India.

7. Accenture

Accenture is a public information technology business established in Ireland that aspires to and specializes in delivering information technology, consulting and outsourcing services. It is available in over 100 countries. A business strategy, operational services, analytics and mobility services, and management consulting services are some of the most important services that the organization offers.

They have technological laboratories that are dedicated to the advancement of technology. Accenture was placed 169th on the Forbes Global 2000 list, while the company was named 2nd in the world for diversity by DiversityInc. According to Fortune Magazine, in 2021, it was named the world’s most respected Information Technology Services organization.

top 10 it companies in india

Since 2019, Julie Sweet has served as the CEO of Accenture. The corporation employs a total of 674,000 people in total, according to its website (as of 2021). Accenture’s total assets and total equity are $43.18 billion and $20.1 billion, respectively, according to the company’s financial statements.

According to the company’s financial statements, net income was $5.91 billion, while operating income totaled $7.62 billion. Accenture is among the top IT companies in India.

8. Mphasis Limited

Mphasis Limited is an American-Indian information technology business with its headquarters in Bangalore, India. The firm is said to be in the process of acquiring Navion Software (China), Digital Risk LLC (US), Blink UX, and other companies. The corporation offers a broad range of services in a variety of sectors, including financial services, telecommunications, logistics, and technology.

The company also offers services such as infrastructure technologies, architectural assistance, application integration and development, and application outsourcing. It has extended to other cities, including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Noida, among others.

top 10 it companies in india

It is present in 19 countries, with delivery services in India, China, the United Kingdom, Japan, North America, Indonesia, Singapore, and many more locations across the world. Following the acquisition of a 42 percent ownership in the firm by Electronic Data Systems (EDS) for $380 million, the company continued to function as an independent EDS entity.

According to Mphasis, its total revenue in the financial year 2021 was Rs.9,722 crore ($1.3 billion), while its operating income was Rs.1,217 crore ($1 billion). The company’s entire assets were worth Rs.5,181 crore, and its total equity was worth Rs.6,527 crore at the time of filing. Thus, Mphasis is among the top IT services companies in India.

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9. MindTree

MindTree is one of India’s major information technology firms, with plans to offer services in a variety of areas, with technology and consulting services being the core ones. As a member of the Larsen & Toubro Group, this firm is also a subsidiary.

As previously said, the firm is involved in several different fields, including e-commerce, cloud computing, application integration, corporate resource planning, data analytics, and testing, among others.

top 10 it companies in india

The firm has offices in more than 18 countries and has more than 307 active customers, according to its website. There were 23,814 employees as of March 2021, with women accounting for 32 percent of the workforce, according to the company.

Mindtree is made up of workers that represent more than 80 different nationalities from all around the world. Almost all of its workers are software specialists, with the remaining 5 percent working in customer service and sales positions.

During the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2010, this firm solely firm earned a net profit of Rs.630.80 crore (US$84 million) and an operating profit of Rs.828.70 crore (US$110 million) in the list of top IT companies in India. There were Rs. 5,156.60 crores in total assets held by the organization.

10. Redington India Ltd.

This is the last name on our list of the top companies in the IT sector in India. Redington was founded in 1993 and has since progressed through an adventurous and thrilling journey to become one of the greatest Indian information technology firms. It is ranked among the top five information technology enterprises in India.

top 10 it companies in india

After an incredible journey that began with a single brand, a single product category, and a single market, we have grown to become a US $6.7 billion distribution and supply chain solutions provider to over 220 international brands in the IT and Mobility spaces, serving more than 30 emerging markets.

Today’s cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, big data and analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and 5G communications, are creating new possibilities and opportunities for tomorrow’s workforce. Redington India Ltd is the sixth biggest among the top Indian information technology businesses.

Top IT Companies In India Responsible To Change The Innovation Game

The information technology industry has contributed significantly to society in terms of efficiency, quality, speediness, and agility. With the incorporation of new technologies into business models, the area of analytics, and information technology, our working processes have been transformed.

During the Pandemic, when everything was falling to the lowest possible level, the IT sector’s innovations like telehealthcare, virtual classrooms, online consultancy, and other similar services were a crucial cause for the industry to maintain its rapid development rate.

This demonstrates the enormous potential of the Indian information technology sector, which can contribute a significant portion of the country’s GDP while also providing job chances to a huge number of ambitious engineers. So, this was the entire list of the top IT companies in India.

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