Top ways to promote a Christmas sale at your tech store

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As much as Christmas is the time for festivities, it’s also a tremendous opportunity for tech store owners to ramp up sales using a Christmas sale. Here’s how to run a Christmas sale at your tech store.

Christmas is right around the corner, which means one thing if you’re a business owner — running a Christmas sale! Many businesses try to pull that off, only to find their stores empty on Christmas eve. Why’s that? Because you can’t just run a sale and expect people to flood in without you having to promote the sale. In this blog, you’ll learn how to promote a Christmas sale at your tech store.

Have an up-and-running website

Your website is the first place anyone would visit if they’re interested in buying a tech product. It makes your store accessible to people across the world, so make sure you’re giving an excellent first impression. It’s all about how professional your site looks. Make sure your website reflects your brand identity, is user-friendly, and loads fast enough.

Most importantly, make sure your product page is neatly arranged for people to easily scroll through various tech products. As a rule of thumb, categorize products in your catalog in multiple niches, such as kitchen appliances, smartphones, laptops, computer accessories, and more. 

If you’re running a sale, a pop-up banner should appear as soon as the site loads up — the sale poster should be the first thing people see on your site. Craft a sales poster using an online graphic design tool like PosterMyWall, which has dozens of Christmas sale templates — it takes a few minutes to create one.

A website blog helps get people through the door

If you don’t have a website blog already, you should. A blog builds a connection to your audience. It’s a place where you give your opinion on the latest tech products — this would make your audience treat you as an expert in tech and slowly build traction on your blog. The more people visit your blog, the better your chances of generating leads.

Building a successful blog takes time and effort and has no shortcut. You have to post valuable content on your blog. By valuable, we mean something that truly adds value to your audience. For instance, you could write an article about the best vacuum cleaners home moms should buy to make cleaning the house easier.

Email marketing works wonders

Running an email marketing campaign can be tricky since you have one shot of impressing a potential customer. How many sales emails have you opened in the last year? None, right? So, why would others open yours? The first step is to craft an engaging and relevant subject line that convinces the reader to open your email.

The next step is to craft your email content. Your email should be structurally on point. We recommend using these email templates to make sure you include the right mix of text and visuals in your emails. You should avoid writing blocks of paragraphs and instead use images, graphics, and even GIFs. People are visual creatures and would rather see a poster than read a paragraph about your sale. 

Social media is your best friend

The best way to get the word out there is to advertise your upcoming Christmas sale on social media. Everyone regularly uses social media. We recommend promoting your sale on Facebook and Instagram as they’re the most-used platforms on the planet. Just like your website blog, it takes time to gather an audience on your social media pages. 

You’ll have to engage with your audience by posting regularly. You should post URLs of your YouTube videos or blog articles in each post, with a catchy caption that compels the audience to check out the latest tech products in your store and take advantage of the upcoming Christmas sale. If you don’t have that big of an audience, you could pair up with a social media influencer and have them advertise your Christmas sale.

SEO wins all battles

Search engine optimization increases your digital footprint on the web. It’s a set of best practices that helps your website and social media pages rank higher on Google’s SERPs. It’s the best shot you have to increase traffic to your website and socials, which directly translates to higher sales this Christmas.

Search the most-searched keywords on Google using Google Keyword Planner, and use those phrases in your blogs, social media posts, and YouTube video transcripts. That’s one way to stay atop your SEO game. You should also post backlinks to already popular websites, which also helps win out against Google’s algorithms.

A final piece of advice

While the above strategies work like a charm, you must remember every tech store is different. Therefore, you’ll have to experiment and tailor each strategy to your specific needs. For example, an already well-renowned tech store may benefit more from pairing up with a social media influencer, whereas a relatively new store would benefit from running paid ads to get its name out there.

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