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iPhone 12 Mini

Despite having the smallest screen of Apple’s current flagship smartphones (a 5.4-inch OLED display), the iPhone 12 Mini is a powerhouse of a smartphone. While not quite tiny, the phone is relatively pocketable and provides a strong and up-to-date option for people who have smaller hands or who just like smaller smartphones.

Aside from delivering all of the major features of its bigger brothers, it also has a similarly diverse selection of exceptional cases and covers. Going forward in this article, we will see a list so that you could choose the best iPhone 12 Mini case.

How To Choose iPhone 12 Mini Phone Case?

The best iPhone 12 mini phone case for you will depend on your preferences, but keep in mind that it may be smaller than what you are used to. Consequently, if you are concerned about the possibility of more drops than normal, be sure to prioritise protection in your case. The fact that there are a plethora of beautiful iPhone 12 mini case that also provides adequate drop protection means that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style if you want your phone to look nice.

Of course, this is another consideration that will affect your selection. Consider if you’d want any additional features, such as a wrist strap, a kickstand, a wallet, or whether you’d like your case to be constructed for MagSafe compatibility. Spending as little or as much money on a phone cover as you like is entirely up to you; thus, trust your instincts and go with what feels right for you!

In addition, while looking for a cover, be sure to look for the iPhone 12 small model in particular. Because it is the smallest of Apple’s phones, it will only function with covers that are expressly made for the mini; any other alternatives will be too big for your phone to fit inside.

Choosing The Best iPhone 12 Mini Case:

1. Urban Armor Gear Lucent: Best iPhone Mini Wallet Case

A tactile plastic covering that is exceptionally lightweight and simple to install and remove, the Urban Armor Lucent Case protects your device from the elements. It has a wonderful firm feel in the hand without being slick, and it is both contemporary and refined. Inside, there is an additional lining that has a transparent, progressive microdot design that covers the whole backside.

iphone 12 mini wallet case

In addition to offering protection against impact and unintentional drops, its soft impact-resistant core also complies with military drop-test standard MIL-STD 810G 516.6. The camera and port cutouts and bevels are quite shallow, yet they do rise above the screen and lenses because of the shallowness of the cuts. It’s also available in a variety of colours, including orange, ice, ash, and Dusty Rose, and it supports wireless charging as well as Apple Pay.

2. Urban Armor Gear Anchor: Best iPhone 12 Mini Case

In contrast to the Lucent case, the Urban Armor Gear Anchor case is a somewhat heavy-duty, shock-absorbing cover with deep portholes and camera protection cutouts that are designed to protect cameras. While it is still fashionable and lightweight, it provides a little more substantial protection.

iphone 12 mini phone case

Its shell is made out of polished channels with a matte finish that is a vivid hue. The case’s flexible sides make it simpler to install and remove than other heavy-duty cases, although the corners are sturdier and strengthened. The cover is smooth and not very tactile, but there is a wonderful accent etching that you can feel as your fingers approach the camera, almost as if it is issuing a warning.

Additional protection is provided by the pattern-reinforced interior backing of the bag. It’s available in aubergine, Dusty Rose, black, or light grey, and it’s compatible with wireless charging and Apple Pay, as well as other payment methods.

3. Sonix Clear Coat Series: iPhone 12 Mini Magsafe Case

Because the beautiful designs are overlaid over the back of the cover, the Sonix Clear Coat case is both lightweight and transparent, and it looks great with any colour iPhone. It’s simple to set up and take down, and it’s versatile. Even though the Sonix does not appear to provide heavy-duty protection, the company claims that it is 10-foot military drop-test certified with an anti-scratch UV coating, so it is likely to be more durable than it appears.

iphone 12 mini phone case

It also has ample cutouts for the camera and ports, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally dropping your phone somewhere. Particularly impressive are the easy push protected buttons, which while being completely concealed, register quickly and with a pleasing and crisp click when pressed.

In addition to being smooth, the cover has somewhat gripping sides, which produces a nice and agreeable effect. Clear Floral – Southern Floral is the design we tested out, but there are 18 more clear patterns to choose from if flowers aren’t your thing. Moreover, it is compatible with MagSafe and other wireless charging technologies.

4. Element Case Special Ops: Aesthetic iPhone 12 Mini Battery Case

In addition to having a visually appealing transparent striped backing, the Element Case also boasts double-reinforced raised and extended edges for mil-spec certification, as well as a drop rating of 10 metres. The transparent covering, along with contrasting side colours and buttons, allows the beauty of your coloured phone to show brightly through it.

iphone 12 mini phone case

Even though it employs a heavier hand in terms of shock-absorbing reinforcement, the case does not add thickness or weight to the phone, and the covered buttons in contrasting colours, as well as cutouts for all ports, are performed well. The camera cutouts are just large enough to prevent the lenses from being damaged on rough surfaces, and the raised corner bevel on the screen barrier, although very small, serves the same reason as the camera cutouts.

A nice and solid grip is provided on all sides due to the ergonomic design of the product. While it provided a little more resistance when it came to inserting and removing it, it was still rather simple to accomplish. It is available in two colour combinations: clear/black and smoke/black.

5. Griffin Survivor: Apple iPhone 12 Mini Case With High Endurance

With its triple-layer design, this robust, no-nonsense cover provides you with the confidence that even if you drop your phone on a hard surface, nothing harmful will happen: This product is drop protected to the military standard MIL-STD 810G of 14 feet thanks to its shock absorption technology. However, despite its thin construction, the gripping, reinforced edges of the phone feel sturdy, and the plastic rear covers the glass back of the device.

iphone 12 mini phone case

The colours compliment the phone, allowing you to see the phone’s colour even when it is covered with contrasting button covers that keep everything secure. The rear is smooth, but it contrasts well with the gripping side, and there is a lovely drop wedge cutout for the camera on the back.

The screen is protected by a raised-edge bezel that extends the whole height of the device, and antimicrobial protection removes almost all surface microorganisms. Also included is the ability to charge using wireless technology.

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6. Spigen Cyrill Case: Outstanding iPhone 12 Mini Clear Case

Spigen manufactures a wide range of excellent mobile phone covers, and it has recently expanded its product line to include a lovely line of ornamental flexible cases in six designs specifically created for ladies. The Cyrill range consists of patterned rigid polycarbonate cases with a flexible TPU bumper that have a compact profile and are comfortable to hold in the hand.

iphone 12 mini

A thin plastic shield that fully covers the back and sides of your phone and has a floral design on it allows you to view the beauty of the colour of your iPhone through it is available. Even though it is smooth but not slick, the button covers provide a little amount of resistance.

The camera cutout is not too large, but it is sufficient to shield the lens from contact with objects. Rather than providing heavy-duty protection, this case provides minimal protection against bumps and scratches to the phone’s body when you travel or carry your phone about in your pocket while on the go. The sides of the case are flexible, which makes it simple to put on and take off, while the rear is rigid.

7. Speck Presidio: Clear iPhone 12 Mini Case With Slayer Design

Anyone who is acquainted with Speck’s Candy Shell cases will recognise the Presidio Perfect Clear as a twist on an old favourite theme sporting an all-new thin design and non-slip grips. The Presidio Perfect Clear is available in a variety of colours and sizes. We like the diagonal gripping sides and back of the phone, which makes it simple to grasp without dropping it.


The transparent cover allows the beauty of your phone to show through while still giving exceptional protection in a hard protective case with 13-foot drop protection, according to the manufacturer. Although it is small and lightweight, your phone has the sensation of a little brick, which is comforting.

The camera is protected from striking the solid surface by a modest elevation on the sides and near the camera. The covered buttons are a little more difficult to push than those on some other cases, but not enough to prevent us from recommending the case to others. In the same way, the case is a little stiffer and so requires a little more effort to slide on and off the phone, but not enough to warrant caution.

8. Smartish Wallet Case: Best Case For iPhone 12 Mini

If you’re looking for a durable yet flexible case for iPhone 12 mini that has enough space for credit cards and cash, the Wallet Slayer is the case for you. This case is very easy to hold because of its textured edges and matte plastic back. It also offers superb protection for your iPhone 6.

In addition to having a very deep hole for the camera, it is also thick and sturdy on all sides. You may quickly insert and remove up to three cards at a time using this method. Even though fact that the hard surface is somewhat thicker than most other iPhone covers, it is still rather simple to put on and take off your phone.

iphone 12 mini

The button grips of this iPhone 12 mini case with card holder are soft and simple to push without exerting excessive effort on the part of the user. It is available in a variety of striking, rich, yet subdued hues. This case does not provide compatibility for MagSafe or wireless charging technologies.

9. Incipio Grip: iPhone Mini 12 Case With Transparent Casing

The Incipio combines the best of both worlds with a hard plastic transparent casing that feels strong and has multi-directional side grips on the front and back. The impact protection technology on the back and edges keeps your phone safe from drops of up to 14 feet and also makes it simpler to hold on to your phone when it falls.

iphone 12

We chose the dark blue transparent cover, which both accentuated and enhanced the colour of our blue phone, plus it is pretty attractive in its own right. Cutting holes for ports and chargers are precisely situated, while a deeper cutout for the camera would have been even more ideal in terms of aesthetics.

According to the manufacturer, an antimicrobial coating kills 99.9 per cent of surface microorganisms. Black, blue/clear, pink/clear, and Insignia Blue are the colours that are currently available. Even while the case was a little more difficult to put on and take off than some of the lighter and more flexible alternatives, you shouldn’t have to do it very frequently.

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10. Casetify Impact: iPhone 12 Leather Case For Hard Ground Impacts

Casetify is attempting to establish new environmentally friendly standards for the materials it utilises in the construction of its iPhone covers and packaging. Casetify offers six feet of drop protection as well as all-around impact protection. It also feels excellent in the hand and seems to be a pretty standard design from the front.

iphone 12

So go over to the Casetify website to check out the incredible range of personalised iPhone covers available in a variety of colours and designs, and then go ahead and buy one. A customised Impact case, which is available in an array of 34 different colours and clear shades, was used for this review.

It allows you to emboss a name or a message using a variety of colours and fonts. Wireless charging is built-in, as is an anti-microbial coating that, according to the firm, destroys 99 per cent of germs on contact.

Making Things More Stylish With The iPhone 12 Mini Case:

iPhone 12 mini is one of the most fascinating devices made by Apple. It is compact enough to fit perfectly in your hands. Wrapping it with a powerful iPhone 12 mini case gets necessary for saving it from major ground impacts.

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